Nobus Pricing

Low Ongoing Cost; pay-as-you-use pricing with flexible expenses,
of short or long term commitments, without requiring complex licensing.

Service Payment Options


Pay-as-you-use allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs without over committing budgets and improving your responsiveness
to changes. With a pay-as-you-use model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of over provisioning or missing capacity.

Pay less by using more

With Nobus, you can get volume based discounts and realize important savings as your usage increases. Nobus also gives you options to acquire services that help you address your business needs.

Services Pricing

Block level storage volumes (1 GB to 1 TB ) for use with Nobus FC Instances
Extensive and Unlimited Storage in the cloud

Networking and Content Delivery
Exclusive allocated network connection
Maximum performance scale load balancing