Nobus Cloud Compute

Virtual Machine Hosting and Compute Resources.

Nobus offers standard compute services that allows you to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications and workloads in a secure, powerful, and progressive compute cloud.

Nobus Compute as a Choice

You are safe with Nobus, as we continue to facilitate speed and efficiency on our platform. We progressively try to make our plarform support any workload and business need.

Adaptive Compute Service

Nobus provides an adaptive infrastructure for running workloads requiring high availability. We offer options for public, private and hybrid cloud on Nobus to our clients depending on the use case.

Broad Platform

Nobus provides a wide selection of functioning services. There are options of Linux and Windows operating systems, with a broad choice of instances for different workloads with dedicated servers, attached storage, and improved networking functions.

Utmost security

Nobus offers security on our services. We offer encryption across several Nobus services to ensure security of the platform and customer instances. Our system provides enhanced security by continuous hardware, firmware protection and monitoring, with up to date software patches.

Cost management tools

As your usage grows, you can use Nobus dashboard to monitor utilization on critical resources to help increase performance of instances and workloads on Nobus platform. Users can leverage our high performance compute services to deploy applications and scale them when needed while keeping an eye on cost efficiency.

Improved network and storage

Nobus network deliver customer applications and content over a private or public network anytime depending on use case, with compute instances that deliver up to 10 Gbps of networking throughput. Nobus provide customers with a great deal of storage options including Instance Storage, Flexible Block Storage (FBS), and Flexible Object storage (FOS).

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