Infrastructure as a Service

Minimize the time and amount used to plan, procure, and manage your infrastructure in a scalable and secure way, over a private WAN or the internet

Serverless Computing, Virtual Machine Hosting and Container Management.

Nobus offers standard compute services that allows you to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications and workloads in a secure, powerful, and progressive compute cloud...Continue to page

Scalable, Dependable, and Secure.

Cloud storage plays an important role in cloud computing since it is more reliable, scalable, secure than traditional storage systems. Cloud storage services is enabled to serve the needs of archiving and applications since it house the information used by such applications...Continue to page

Dedicated to deliver performance and powerful functionality

Optimize how information is shared across your network. Process requests and deliver data with high speed and reliability over a secured cloud.

Nobus understand the integral part played by Data centers. The security and reliability of our data center and it information is our top priority.

Take advantage of the our platform that supports applications and workloads across pools of physical infrastructure and...Continue to page

The network suited for various workloads

Nobus understands the vital role played by networks in supporting various kind of workloads thus, we are keen to deliver the networking strenght required to run any workload in the cloud ensuring security, availability, manageability, performance, and wide coverage... Continue to page

Service Payment Options


Pay-as-you-go allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs without over committing budgets and improving your responsiveness
to changes. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of over positioning or missing capacity.

Pay less by using more

With Nobus, you can get volume based discounts and realize important savings as your usage increases. Nobus also gives you options to acquire services that help you address your business needs.


You can estimate your monthly bill (individual and multiple prices) using NCS Simple Monthly Calculator.


Nobus does not offer a free tier user account.

Yes. With nobus you pay only for the resources that you actually use.

The available disk type is standard solid-state drives (SSDs)

Nobus is hosted on a Tier III datacenter, Fully automated, User friendly, easy to use and you pay as you use.

For all Virtual Machines that have two or more instances deployed in the same Availability Zone, we guarantee you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity to at least one instance at least 99.95% of the time.

For any Single Instance Virtual Machine using Standard SSD Managed Disks for Operating System Disk and Data Disks, we guarantee you will have Virtual Machine Connectivity of at least 99.5%.

Nobus is very easy to use. You can go through the Nobus website to create an account. See Nobus fcs documentation to get started.

To create new VMs, visit the Nobus console at

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